Let me introduce our amazing European line of Tibetan Mastif

Asian Bear's Tibetan Mastiff Igosbull Inarong Bear imported from Russia.

Ingosbull Inarong Bear


Ingosbull Inarong or as we call him Bear is our male Tibetan Mastiff.  He is AKC registered and has his DNA on file with the American Kennel Club.  He is around 160 pounds at 3 years old.  He is a very loving and social dog who loves to meet new animals and especially children.

Bear was born in Moscow, Russia to his multi time champion mother and his dad Cheng Li who weighs 188 pounds.  His mother side is full of champions including world champions.  Bear is the perfect example of what a old world not altered large Tibetan Mastiff should be.

Asian Bear's Tibetan Mastiff Bella imported from Hungary.

Forest Grassland Bella

 Bella is our beautiful traditional black and tan girl.  She weighs about 105 and is the sweetest, loving member of the family!  She was born in Hungary and comes from championship lines on both sides of ancestry.

Bella turned two just last month and is still filling out.  She is AKC Registered and has her DNA on file with the American Kennel Club.

Asian Bear's Tibetan Mastiff Princess Ariel

Princess Ariel


Princess Ariel is our amazing multi-color girl.  She is a very large female already and  will only get bigger as she develops.  She comes from great lines.  She is AKC registered with champion bloodlines.

Ariel is a loving clingy pup who is attached to you any chance she can get!


Asian Bear's Rainbow Bear


Rainbow is a perfect example of what you can get from Bear and Bella when they have puppies.  She is almost a year old and already a very powerful and perfect example of the genes you gain from the breeding.  Rainbow is AKC registered.

Asian Bear's Tibetan Mastiff Moon Bear.  Daughter of Bear and Ariel

Asian Bear's Moon Bear

 Moon Bear is the little girl we are keeping from Bear and Ariel's litter.  She is a little red girl with am amazing personality and amazing colors.  Moon is AKC registered. 

Asian Bear's Tibetan Mastiff Eurasure Bear son of Bear and Ariel

Asian Bear's Eurasure Bear

 Eurasure Bear is the big boy we kept from Bear and Ariel's litter.  He is an absolute tank!  He has beautiful color patterns and is just the sweetest little boy!  Eurasure is AKC registered.