Available Puppies

Here are the current puppies available to join your family. 

  • 2 American Akita females born July 10th, 2019
  • 1 American Akita males born July 10th, 2019
  • 2 Noble Asian Bear males born July 15th, 2019
  • 2 Noble Asian Bear females born on July 15th, 2019
  • October 12th, 2019 Noble Asian Bear Litter

Welcome to our Asian Bear family!

For over 33 years we have worked on developing only the best puppies to join your family.  We do not raise our dogs in kennels or cages.  Our fur babies are members of our family and our lives are dedicated to them as we are to the rest of our 2 legged family.

We specialize in rare large breeds from around the world.  These would be a Caucasian Ovcharkas who originate from the Caucasian Mountains.  The Tibetan Mastiff from the plateaus of Tibet.  The noble Samurai's Akita from Japan.  The Spanish Mastiff from its guard duty of flocks in Spain.

We are in the process of developing the Asian Bears.  The Asian Bears will come from three types of crossings.  The Asian Bear Dog which is Akita and Tibetan only.  The Noble Asian Bear which is the Asian Bear Dog & Caucasian Ovcharka hybrid.  Last the Imperial Asian Bear which is the Tibetan Mastiff and the Caucasian Ovcharka hybrid.

The aboriginal Tibetan Mastiff!  We are in the process of developing a breeding program to save the true unaltered Tibetan Mastiff.  We will be importing Tibetan Mastiffs straight from the plateaus of Tibetan.  These lines have never been seen in the United States and are of the purest quality.

All our Akitas and traditional Tibetan Mastiffs are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC)  The Caucasian Ovcharka and the Spanish Mastiff is registered with The American Kennel Club (AKC) Foundation Stock.  This is the method the AKC uses before giving a breed full AKC registration.  All puppies are offered with either their full AKC or their AKC Foundation Stock registration papers; with the exception of the aboriginal Tibetan Mastiff.  Because the aboriginal Tibetan Mastiff is brought out of Tibetan directly and is not on a fake pedigree showing lineage that is really not true we cannot register them with the AKC.  The AKC requires 3 generations and some of our parents for this program will have as little as 1 generation recorded.  So we will be registering these puppies with the UKC or the CKC.

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to drop us a line.

2019-2020 Planned litters

Fall 2019 Breeding planned

U.  Noble Asian Bear  3rd litter due October 12th, 2019

V.  Caucasian Ovcharka=Beowulf-Chara mating 2019

W.  Imperial Asian Bear=Caucasian Ovcharka Beowulf-Tibetan Mastiff Moon mating 2019

X.  American Akita=Conan-Meka mating 2019

Y.  American Akita=Wolf-Cocoa mating 2019

2020 planned litters

Z.  Tibetan Mastiff=Bear-Ariel mating late 2019 to early 2020

AA.  Spanish Mastiff=Blaze-Luna early 2020

Options for getting your new family member


Getting your new baby home.

1.  At this time we have the ability to fly to most US destinations all of our dogs with the exception of the Tibetan Mastiff.   We prefer not to fly and we do offer delivery by us personally; but we also understand that sometimes distance and time are an issue for all of us.  So Akitas, Asian Bear Dogs and Caucasian Ovcharka puppies can be flown with United Airlines updated and revised PetSafe program.

2.  Come get your baby directly from us at our home.  We look forward to meeting and introducing your new fur baby to your family.  

2019-2020 Litter Plans

AKC Champion bloodlines Tibetan Mastiffs! Taking deposits on December 2019 litter now.


 These are not from typical parents! Our male Tibetan Mastiff; Bear is an import from Russia and is the perfect example of what the breed is supposed to be. Bear is 156 lbs and still growing. Bella our female Tibetan Mastiff is perfect frame and perfect personality and an amazing mother! These will be very large and amazing puppies! So if you are looking for a rare dog and an amazing opportunity to add one of these beauties to your family this is your chance at some amazing dogs! Taking deposits of $500 to hold pups from the April 24th, 2019 litter. 

AKC Champion bloodline Akitas! Taking deposits on the July 10th, 2019 litter. 2 girls and 1 boys


 Our Akitas are raised in the home as members of our family!  Wolf our male is the poster child for what you want in an Akita.  Beautiful large head, barreled chest and just an amazing personality.  Kamiko our female is our kangaroo always bouncing around  and loving everyone. 

Noble Asian Bear F1 Hybrid July 15th, 2019. Taking deposit. 2 boys and 2 girls available



The Noble Asian Bear is our next step in our Asian Bears.  This is when we start to bring the amazing Caucasian Ovcharka into our Asian Bear lines.  The first F1 generation will be 25% Akita, 25% Tibetan Mastiff and 50% Caucasian Ovcharka.

We fell in love with the amazing qualities of the Caucasian!  They are the most loyal, loving, and intelligent dogs and we could not be more excited to add their amazing traits to the Asian Bear.

Beowulf our male Caucasian from the Ukraine will be the father and Alanee our red Asian Bear Dog and Violet our Tibetan patterned Asian Bear Dog will be the expected mother of the first borns.

This is one of 2 possible litters of the Noble Asian Bear planned for this year and will be the only Noble Asian Bears available in the world!  We have 4 boys and 4 girls available to reserve at this time.  Puppies will be ready to go home on March 22nd, 2019.

Asian Bear Dog F1 Hybrid. Litter born January 30th, 2019 SOLD OUT.


 Asian Bear Dogs are our Tibetan Mastiff  and Akita cross. If you are looking for the most amazing combination of two rare and incredible breeds this is a chance of a lifetime.  These are not from typical parents! Our male Akita; Wolf is a beautiful pure white barrel chested, large head and just an all around perfect Akita. Ariel our female Tibetan Mastiff is just a perfect traditional Tibetan.  She has a perfect frame and perfect personality and an amazing mother! These will be very large and amazing puppies! So if you are looking for a rare dog and an amazing opportunity to add one of these beauties to your family this is your chance at some amazing dogs!  

This is the only litter planned for this year and the 2nd total litter in the world of the Asian Bear Dog.  2 boys and 2 girls available to reserve.  Puppies will be ready to go home on March 27th, 2019.

AKC champion bloodline Caucasian Ovcharkas. November 25th, 2019 due date


 Our beautiful Caucasian Ovcharkas, also know as Caucasian Sheperd, and the Russian Bear Dog  are imported from Eastern Europe.  Beowulf our male come from the Ukraine with amazing champion parents on both sides.  Chara one of our female comes to us from Russia and again comes from champion parents with many champions in their pedigree.  Laiyana was imported from Romania and he grandfather and many others were champions .  Caucasians are natural protectors.  This does not make them an aggressive breed.  Our pups were carefully picked for the kind of members of our family that we know will product healthy, intelligent, and well socialized puppies.  All of our Caucasians will have their DNA on file with the AKC 

Imperial Asian Bear F1 Hybrid. 2019 litter due in December 2019


Imperial Asian Bear; the blending of two of the most incredible breeds in the world!  These amazing dogs will be 50% Tibetan Mastiff and 50% Caucasian Ovcharka.  The best of both breeds!

The Imperial Asian Bear should be the largest the Bears sharing the traits of two ancient breeds.

The first planned litter will be with our amazing Caucasian Beowulf and our incredible loving Tibetan Rainbow. 

AKC Foundation Stock Champion Bloodline Spanish Mastiffs 2020


 AKC champion bloodline Spanish Mastiffs.  We are starting our program now and already have our first female Luna from the Czech Republic.  Luna comes from an amazing breeder who specializes in the Spanish Mastiff and sticks true to the dogs confirmation and shows around the world.

We will starting our breeding on 2020 if all goes well.

Aboriginal-European Tibetan Mastiffs.

aboriginal Tibetan Mastiff

The Aboriginal-European Tibetan Mastiff is a blend of our champion bloodline Tibetan Mastiffs such as Bear, Bella, Ariel, Moon, Rainbow & Eurasure with our aboriginal Tibetan Mastiff lines which will be Jalus and Karma to start.  These will be am amazing blend of the best of both worlds.  

Aboriginal Tibetan Mastiffs


The aboriginal Tibetan Mastiff is the purest of the pure.  These are straight from the plateaus of Tibet and come from the rarest of bloodlines and regions.  With these lines you will see some very rare or even never before seen markings and colors.  Also these amazing puppies will still be registered with either the UKC or the CKC.  Some of these parents will only have a single generation of pedigree because these genetic lines come from very rare regions that have no reason to show or to register because these dogs are working dogs protecting there families and flocks from danger.

Our Old World Tibetan Mastiff family


Ingosbull Inarong "Bear"

Ingosbull Inarong or as we call him Bear is our male Tibetan Mastiff.  He is AKC registered and has his DNA on file with the American Kennel Club.  He is around 160 pounds at 3 years old.  He is a very loving and social dog who loves to meet new animals and especially children.

Bear was born in Moscow, Russia to his multi time champion mother and his dad Cheng Li who weighs 188 pounds.  His mother side is full of champions including world champions.  Bear is the perfect example of what a old world not altered large Tibetan Mastiff should be.


Happy 3rd birthday Forest Grassland Bella!

Bella is our beautiful traditional black and tan girl.  She weighs about 105 and is the sweetest, loving member of the family!  She was born in Hungary and comes from championship lines on both sides of ancestry.

Bella turned two just last month and is still filling out.  She is AKC Registered and has her DNA on file with the American Kennel Club.


Princess Ariel

Ariel is our amazing multi-color girl.  She is a very large female already and  will only get bigger as she develops.  She comes from great lines.  She is AKC registered with champion bloodlines.

Ariel is a loving clingy pup who is attached to you any chance she can get!


Happy birthday Moon Bear!

Moon Bear is the little girl we are keeping from Bear and Ariel's litter.  She is a little red girl with am amazing personality and amazing colors.  Moon is AKC registered.

42 weeks and 3 days old today and weighs 87.1 pounds.

Tibetan Mastiff Rainbow Bear


Rainbow is a perfect example of what you can get from Bear and Bella when they have puppies.  She is almost a year old and already a very powerful and perfect example of the genes you gain from the breeding.  Rainbow is AKC registered.

46 weeks 6 days old 95.44 pounds.


Happy birthday Eurasure Bear

Eurasure Bear is the big boy we kept from Bear and Ariel's litter.  He is an absolute tank!  He has beautiful color patterns and is just the sweetest little boy!  Eurasure is AKC registered.

37 weeks old and 98 pounds

Aboriginal Tibetan Mastiff family



Coming soon!

Son of  Heishan and Tiao Dao.  This is a true Aboriginal Tibetan Mastiff.  Parents are right from the plateaus and are 100% pure.

aboriginal Tibetan Mastiff Jalus at 6  months old.

Jalus Sengemo

Daughter of  Hequ Wangzi  and  Ban Xue.  These are true Aborignal Tibetan Mastiffs.  Father is still in Tibet.  Karma is a 1st generation outside of Tibet and was born on December 26th, 2018

Our Akita family



Wolf our beautiful solid white Akita.  Wolf is the oldest of the pack here at home.  He is large headed and barrel chested male.  Perfect example of what you want an Akita to look like.  Sweet, loving and very social when he is introduced to new people.

Wolf is AKC registered and has his DNA on file.  He has multiple champions in his bloodlines.


Queen Kamiko

Kamiko is the queen of silly!  She is nothing but a sweet playful and almost comical personality!  She loves attention from anyone that will give it to her and can never have enough.

Kamiko is AKC registered and has a champion bloodline.


Conan de Hawick

Conan de Hawick is Wolf's first born and a fantastic example of what you want your puppy to develop into.  Conan is AKC registered and comes from a championship pedigree.

current weight is 113lbs


Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa has made it home.  She is a beautiful little girl at 8 weeks old.  Another member of the fur baby family!  Cocoa is AKC registered.

30 weeks and 3 days old weighing 63.4 pounds


Meka the Marshmallow

Meka the Marshmallow has made it home to Asian Bears and already is a member of the giant fur baby family.  Meka is AKC registered.

30 weeks ad 3 days old weighing 73.6 pounds

Our Cacausian Ovcharkas family



Many thanks to Tao Klarjeti Kennels in the Ukraine for our beautiful baby boy!  Beuwolf as we call him or by his original name  Vozh'd Tao Klarjeti come from two amazing champion parents!  Beowulf also has a predigree full of winners including a world champion.  We will keep everyone updated as all of our babies develop!  Born September 24th, 2017.

Beowulf is AKC Foundation stock registered with his DNA on file with the AKC.

1 year old today and 132 pounds.



Our beautiful Romanian girl is home and doing well!  Laiyana was an import from Romania and has a wonderful pedigree.  Her pedigree includes a world champion.

Laiyana is AKC Foundation Stock registered and has her DNA on file with the AKC

1 year old and  weighs an insane 149 pounds.


Rika-Rest in Peace you were taken from us way too young! We love you and miss you!

Fathers Day has been a very hard one for our family!  Yesterday evening while our dogs were in the back yard we caught Rika eating on something by our fence.  We immediately got it from her and disposed of it.  A few hours later Rika started having problems breathing and could not move.  We immediately took her to a Hospital and they did everything they could to save her.  At 2:38am this morning I got a call from the Vet to tell me that Rika lost the fight and had passed.  We have lost the most amazing, smart, loving, caring puppy we have personally every had a part of out family!  Rika has now crossed the Rainbow Bridge and we hope she keeps up with her crazy fun antics where she is now!  She will never be forgotten and can never be replaced!

Daughter of a world champion.  Birthday is October 5th, 2017.  So she was 3 days older the Violet and Alanee.  Rika came to us from Hungary the same origins as Bella.

Born October 5th, 2017 and lost on June 17th, 2018


Russian Princess Chara

Chara is the newest edition to our family!  We waited a long time for her and she arrived shortly before our move from Pennsylvania to Maryland.

Chara was imported from Russia and has many amazing champions in her pedigree including a 2 time World Champion grandfather.

Chara is AKC Foundation stock registered and has her DNA on file with the AKC.

At 1 year  old  she weighs 101 pounds.

Our Asian Bear Dog family



Violet our beautiful Asian Bear who is daddies little girl.  She was born on October 8th, 2017 daughter of Tibetan Mastiff Bear and mother Akita Kamiko.  She has a beautiful combination of dads colors.  We already see the Tibetan crimped hair.

We will keep updating their development!

1 year old today and 85 pounds.

Asian Bear Dog Alanee


Alanee is the unique beauty of an already beautiful and amazing group of puppies.  She is sister to Violet and has a very distinct red coat with black tipping.  She also has the most amazing Pi symbol in white on her chest.

We will keep everyone up to date of her development.

1 year old today 92 pounds.



Nanook is here!!  Date of birth is January 30th, 2019.  He is the son of Tibetan Mastiff Ariel and American Akita Wolf

39 days old and weighs 9.18 pounds



Akira is our baby girl from American Akita Wolf and Tibetan Mastiff Ariel.  We will keep everyone posted on her development.  Date of birth is January 30th, 2019

39 days old and weighs 9.94 pounds



Keiko is the big girl from our Amrerican Akita Wolf and Tibetan Mastiff Ariel.  We will keep everyone posted on her development.

39 days old and weighs 8.86 pounds

Let us Introduce our Spanish Mastiff family

Asian Bear's Spanish Mastiff Luna


We are welcoming our little girl Luna into our family today (11-15-18).  Leaving for the airport now!  This beautiful little girl is coming to us from the Czech Republic.  Her parents are both of amazing pedigree and all health testing has been completed.

26 weeks old and weighs 118.2 pounds

Asian Bear's Spanish Mastiff Blaze

Asian Bear Blaze

Blaze was born November 30th, 2018.  We are hoping he will join our family around February 6th, 2019.  We will try to keep his photos updated as we receive new ones.

February 7th, 2019 arrival weight is 34.04 pounds at 9 weeks and 6 day old

14 weeks and 4 days old and weighs 56.4

Noble Asian Bear

Noble Asian Bear Kai

More info coming as it develops :).  Kai will be the son of Nanook our Asian Bear Dog and Chara our white Caucasian Ovcharka in 2020.


Noble Asian Bear Harley Quinn

Born on January 25th, 2019.  Our little girl Harley Quinn was born.

6 month weighing 69.5 pounds


Noble Asian Bear Tesla

Noble Asian Bear Misha was born on January 25th. 2019.  We will be keeping constant updates on her development.  The Noble Asian Bear is the F1 hybrid of the Asian Bear Dog and the Tibetan Mastiff.

6 month weighing  62 pounds

Future home of the Imperial Asian Bear

Imperial Bear Bane

Imperial Bear Aliyah

Imperial Bear Eerika


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