Stud Services

We have had many requests for stud services so we decided to add a page to answer some of the questions.  At this time we have three males available for services at this time.  Bear, Beowulf and Wolf.  We are getting another male Tibetan Mastiff before 2020 and some other surprises so we may have more options later.

1.  The cost of stud service is the cost of what we would sell one of our puppies for or pick of the litter.  The option is up to us on which we prefer at the time.  We have a local vet that offers very reasonable rates to complete AI if that is what you prefer and honestly the most time and cost effective manner to complete stud service.

2.  We do not offer this service to any person for just any animal.  It is nothing personal but we need to verify that you female is in proper health, quality of breed and the breed would benefit from the breeding.

3.  Costs

Tibetan Mastiff service is $3000

Caucasian Ovcharka service is $2500

American Akita service is $1500

These rates can change as our own prices change in the future.

Available Studs

AKC registered Tibetan Mastiff Bear

Bear is our 3 year old Tibetan Mastiff from Moscow Russia.  At this time he is around 160lbs and in perfect health.  Bear is not full size yet and is still growing into am amazing example of the traditional larger Tibetans.  He does carry dominate traits for traditional Black puppies.  With the right female you can produce other colors as we have already.  He has an amazing pedigree with multiple champions on his mothers side including World Champion.

AKC Foundation registered Caucasian Ovhcarka Beowulf

Beowulf is our beautiful 1 year old Caucasian Ovcharka from the Ukraine.  At this time he is around 135lbs but is still growing and should be around 165lbs full size.  He has an amazing pedigree with multiple champions on both sides including World Champion.

AKC registered American Akita Wolf

Wolf our beautiful white American Akita.  He is AKC registered with his DNA on file.  He produces white puppies, brindles and fawns.  He has a wonderful pedigree with many champions on both sides on his family tree.

2019 available AKC registered Tibetan Mastiff Eurasure

Eurasure the tank from Bear and Ariel's breeding.  He was the pick of the litter and we could not part with him.  He is only 8 months old and already weighing just under 100lbs.  He has a perfect frame and amazing colors.  He can produce pretty much any color except for blues.  He is not available at this time for stud service since he is still growing.