Noble Asian Bear 2nd litter due on July 15th, 2019 from Beowulf and Alanee

The Noble Asian Bear is here!  This amazing animal is a F1 hybrid of the Asian Bear Dog and the Caucasian Ovcharka.  They are 25% Akita, 25% Tibetan Mastiff and 50% Caucasian Ovcharka. 

We are so amazing with the development of the Asian Bear Dog and just so impressed with every aspect of the Caucasian we felt it is the perfect addition to the genetics that will give us just a beautiful, intelligent, loving, loyal and just all around perfect puppy.

This is not a short term thing that was an accident.  We are planning and developing what we feel will make a great dog as a whole.

January 25th, 2019 planned F1 litter SOLD OUT

Taking deposits on the July 15th, 2019 litter now.

2nd planned litter




Asian Bear Dog