Over 33 years experience as a breeder with this amazing breed!  Champion bloodlines and just all around perfect examples of what you expect from an American Akita!

Healthy dogs with amazing personalities and perfect conformation.  Raised as members of the family.

March 3rd, 2020 AKC American Akita litter

Our Family of American Akita




Wolf our beautiful solid white Akita.  Wolf is the oldest of the pack here at home.  He is large headed and barrel chested male.  Perfect example of what you want an Akita to look like.  Sweet, loving and very social when he is introduced to new people.

Wolf is AKC registered and has his DNA on file.  He has multiple champions in his bloodlines.


Conan de Hawick


Conan de Hawick is Wolf's first born and a fantastic example of what you want your puppy to develop into.  Conan is AKC registered and comes from a championship pedigree.

current weight is 113lbs


Asian Bear's Hot Cocoa


Hot Cocoa has made it home.  She is a beautiful little girl at 8 weeks old.  Another member of the fur baby family!  Cocoa is AKC registered.


Asian Bear's Meka


Meka the Marshmallow has made it home to Asian Bears and already is a member of the giant fur baby family.  Meka is AKC registered.


Queen Kamiko (Retired)


Kamiko is the queen of silly!  She is nothing but a sweet playful and almost comical personality!  She loves attention from anyone that will give it to her and can never have enough.

Kamiko is AKC registered and has a champion bloodline.  Kamiko was retired at the end of 2019 and now enjoys her life playing with her children and friends.